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OVC with their new uniforms donated by WOFAK.

The Stephen Lewis Foundation project supports vulnerable children with school uniform and basic educational support in Homabay county.

Consolata Ajwang, a beneficiary receives a new blanket and mattress from WOFAK.

In 2011 WOFAK started supporting the grandmother with dry food basket and basic necessities consisting of maize, beans, sugar, bar soap and salt to sustain her and the orphans. (in 2015 WOFAK build her a house) after the one she was living in almost crumbled.
After the organization supported her with putting up a structure, beddings became a challenge to Consolata since she and the grandchildren would spend nights on the floor, to make the situation even worse the place was infested with termites and bed bags which forced the grandchildren and the grandmother to spend night outside their homestead sometimes neighbors would help the OVC’s to spend at their place in order for them to do homework. When the organization was distributing, and supporting grandmothers with bedding, Consolata was on top of the list, the grandmother was happy plus the grandchildren. We provided her with insect disinfectants and made sure the place was back to normal.

Training youths age 20 and above years by WOFAK,PITCH in Homabay.

Creating awareness among youths in Homabay(WOFAK/GUSO)


Training youths age 10-16 years in homabay (WOFAK/PITCH)

Training youths 16-19 years in Homabay,(WOFAK/GUSO)


Executive Director(WOFAK) inspects bicycles donated by WOFAK                                       

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