About us.

We are passionate about helping individuals deal with the stigma and challenges of living with the effects of HIV & AIDS. Especially by the affected and infected Children & women

About Us

Women Fighting AIDS in Kenya is passionate about supporting the vulnerable, especially women and children affected and infected by the HIV and AIDS, from discrimination and stigma. We believe that the affected and infected by HIV and AIDS deserve a chance to live decent and dignified life without stigma or discrimination. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to act against any form of injustice. For more than two decades we have worked with like minded partners to overcome complex challenges and improve the lives of the affected and infected.

WOFAK History

Women Fighting AIDS in Kenya (WOFAK) is a national non-governmental organization that was founded and registered in Kenya in 1994 by a group of women most of whom had tested positive for the HIV virus. The founding group had envisioned an entity that would provide them with a forum for mutual support and empowerment at a time when HIV related stigma and discrimination toward women was very high.

Since then, WOFAK has made tremendous achievement contributing significantly to national efforts aimed at HIV/AIDS prevention and to provide comprehensive care and support to women, youth and children living with and affected by HIV and AIDS, enabling them to lead better and quality life.

Counties we Operate in

How We Work.

To fulfil The WOFAK mission we work with strategic partners to develop and implement programs that create economic opportunity, improve health, provide enlightenment through education and inspire engagement and service to the women and children affected and infected by the HIV and AIDS Virus.

Within these programmatic areas we have developed programs within the following pillars

  • Health
  • Education
  • Economic empowerment
  • Psychosocial Support
  • Advocacy

Our Mission & Vision.


an AIDS Free Society where Women, Youth and Children Live with Dignity.


to empower, provide care and support to Women, Youth and Children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS through Community Groups and Organizations to enable them have wholesome lives.

Core Values.

  • Solidarity with the infected and affected by HIV and AIDS
  • Transparency and accountability in all our actions
  • Integrity, ethical practices and delivery of quality service
  • Respect of diversity, the innate potential and dignity of people regardless of their HIV status
  • Rights and Justice for people Infected and affected by HIV and AIDS